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Name: Aglet b.

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Tehachapi, CA 7/29/2012 Courtesy of Yelp.com

Awesome tire service, needed a 20 inch tire for my Dodge Magnum RT Gave me a price for the tire that I had on the car. It turns out they were out of stock on that tire. Owner upgraded to a better tire (Michelin) for the same price. Even cleaned the wheel and Armoraled the tire. In and out in a flash perfect tire balance. A plus all the way around.

Name: Lita C.

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Sacramento, CA 7/8/2012 Courtesy of Yelp.com

Awesome! I drive an old school VW Bug and I just lowered the front. The stock tires rubbed too much so I needed to switch to 145s. Its Sunday and these guys are open... Awesome! I get there and they were very nice about letting me tell them how to jack my bug up and let me take my hubs off since I'm anal about that. :-) We have connections elsewhere but in a pinch I will not hesitate to come here.

Name: Artur S.

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West Sacramento, CA 6/5/2012 Courtesy of Yelp.com

I have just stopped by to rotate the tires...quick and easy...I have bought all 4 right here a few months back....very recommended place.

Name: Tony G.

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Rancho Cordova, CA 4/13/2012 Courtesy of Yelp.com

This is the best tire experience I've had in the Sacramento area! They're fast, efficient, and really, really reasonably priced. They've done my wife's Mercedes sport ute and two of my Durango's. They quoted a price (ALWAYS a deal), and stuck to it - no muss, no fuss, no surprises. They'll have you in and out over your lunch break. I say that because a guy just sat across from me and asked if he could eat his lunch. They just finished with a slow leak in one of my tires and I had to MAKE them charge me $10. He was gonna not charge me anything!! It was done in 15 minutes...
Get here!!!

Name: Flix N.

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Sacramento, CA 3/10/2012 Courtesy of Yelp.com

My mom needed tires and called me for a recommendation. For better or worse I've been appointed the arbiter of all things automotive in my family. I called A & A for a price, they gave me a quote on an off brand set of tires within seconds. I explained I would rather spend more as this was a spendy European car, plus it's my mom. boom...seconds later another quote on a name brand. I agreed and set an appointment. When my mom rolled in the tires were already mounted and balanced.
She was ecstatic.

Name: Eli D

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Sacramento, CA 7/29/2011 Courtesy of Yelp.com

I am a single parent who wanted to take my son camping. In the last year I bought an old small trailer & finally decided to plan a trip. I got the trailer ready & found that the tires were as old as the trailer. I called all the big tire companies & was told they don't carry them or that it was going to be over $450. I was shocked; they are the smallest ties made? I looked up trailer tires & A&A Tires was listed. I called and the man said yes & it would be only $300 plus tax. I then was worried about how my car & trailer would fit but the man said don't worry we will take care of it. And they sure did! They had me take up the whole front & came right out with their tools. In 20 minutes I was on my way. Our camping trip was very relaxing. Thanks A&A!

Name: Adrianne B.

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Sacramento, CA 2/10/2010 Courtesy of Yelp.com

I recently blew 2 of my tires out in an early morning driving incident. I was pissed and 2 new tires was not in my budget. I went on over to A & A again. They sold me 2 used tires that match the tread of the other two. In and out in 30 minutes for $130. Not too shabby!!!

Name: Mark D

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Sacramento, CA 1/16/2010 Courtesy of Yelp.com

I found this tire store by accident. What incredible prices and service. This is a hidden gem in Sacramento for tires. I shopped Big O, Sears, Costco, Les Schwabb, America's Tire, and A and A Tire beat all their prices by hundreds, yes HUNDREDS!!!! The tires are quality and new, not been sitting around for years or leftovers. The service was amazing. I was in and out in 20 minutes. The store has been around over 30 years. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed. I am the pickiest shopper around, believe me.

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